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a close up of foodPastry is a very important trade of the french society. France has a good worldwide reputation and has some of the best pastry chefs on the planet.

But originally, the first cakes were made in Greece, 7000 BC. There were offerings to the gods. It was made up of honey and flour. In the 7th century, the use of eggs was common in the preparation of cakes. Then, in the Middles Ages, we discovered sugar cane…

Eating pastries in Paris is one of the « must » on your list. We will help you in this article to find them !

Des Gâteaux et du Pain – 89 rue du Bac Saint Germain des Prés 75007 Paris
THE temple of fine esthetes, lovers of fruity, subtled desserts, with the right sugar (neither too much, nor enough). Because the pastry Chef Claire Damon already had quite some experience with awarded master pastry chefs : Fauchon, Ladurée, Bristol, Plaza Athénée…The choice changes completely according to the seasons. Not to be missed if visit Paris at the right moment: the seasonal grapefruit/rhubarb tartlet, the Saint-Honoré, the pistachio millefeuille (a cake made of alternate layers of cream and pastry) … But also: the maple syrup pie, the Absolu citron, the Mont-Blanc cassis

Utopie – 20 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 Paris
To succeed today in making pastries with leaven (and not with yeast), pure butter croissants, an apple turnover filled with a real apple. Iconic pastries? Fragrant and melting puddings, Eclairs, Strawberry pies, cinnamon rolls…the paradise !

Bo&Mie – 18 rue de Turbigo 75002 Paris
Thousand of fans on Instagram, this boulangerie is now famous for the beautiful and goods pastries it proposes. Try the amazing Flan, creamy and tasty, or the Millefeuille with Madagascar vanilla, a must.

Arnaud Larher – 93 rue de Seine 75006 Paris
One of our favorite for his macarons ! Opened for 20 years in Paris. The macarons are made everyday, with seasonal products. The must eat are also the Baba and the Kouign-amann, a pastry from Britany, made out of butter, butter and…butter !

Pierre Hermé – 72 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris
The best pastry maker of the world 2016, creator of legendary macaroons, but also of dream pastries. The most famous pastries are :
– the Ispahan the world famous macaron. Rose macaron biscuit, rose petal cream, whole raspberries, lychee. More than a cake, this creation is sheer happiness. Bliss from the first bite. Beneath the tender, crisp shell of a blushing macaron, the flavours merge to form an irresistible combination. The subtle alliance of sweet rose cream and the floral note of the litchi, heightened by the assertive brio of fresh raspberry.
– The « 2000 feuilles » presents a harmony of textures : caramelized puff pastry and crushed hazelnuts contrast with the creaminess of its praline mousseline cream. Thin pieces of Brittany-style crêpe dentelle biscuit provide the crispy layered texture. Wonderfully flavourful.
– The Carrément chocolat : A layer of tender chocolate cake, rich chocolate cream, chocolate mousse and chocolate crisp, thin wafers of crisp chocolate.
– Infiniment citron : Lemon shortbread pastry, lemon cream and gelée, light lemon cream, slightly-candied lemon, crunchy lemon meringue.

Yann Couvreur – 23 bis rue des Rosiers 75004 Paris
In 2016 the pastry Chef opened his first parisian pastry shop. Today, eight pastries are offered throughout the year. The menu changes according to the seasons. Delight: nothing here is too sweet or excessively greasy, and without food colouring!

You will certainly no longer be hungry afterwards….

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