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Why Paris is the City of Love? One person in four in Europe would choose Paris for a first date …

The beauty and history of the city attract a lot of lovers from all over the world.

From the songs of Edith Piaf to the movies like Midnight in Paris, the reputation of the city is now known almost everywhere.

Let’s starts with the beautiful architecture and buildings…the metro entrances, the candelabras, the tiny streets… every corner hides a romantic place for a kiss! But it is not only about the surroundings!

It is about the history and the culture: Paris is assimilated to the principles of the Enlightenment century and the French revolution, which is liberty, linked with new ideas of progress.

Then in the 19th century, the Romantic period started as an artistic, literary, musical and intellectual movement, characterized by its emphasis on emotion, and many French writers excelled as Victor Hugo and his Notre Dame de Paris, or Gustave Flaubert with Madame Bovary.

Moreover, the French people…are famous for being romantic and great seducers.

It is easy for us… as we speak a language considered by the tourists as one of the most beautiful one in the world, especially when we speak English with the French accent !

And last but not least, the FOOD! We know that food is love. And in France, our gastronomy is classified by Unesco, which means a lot of love ! Our chefs are seen as artists and world famous.

So, if you visit France and Paris, be careful, love is everywhere!

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