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Adult ages 16+
Child ages 0-15

Enjoy a Marmottan Museum Tour

Discover the largest collection of Claude Monet’s paintings, including Impression Sunrise and Water Lilies, as well as a guided tour in the footsteps of Berthe Morisot. This is a magnificent museum with Empire period furniture and fabulous temporary exhibitions. Skip-the-line admission included.

Enjoy a small-group guided visit of the Marmottan Monet Museum in Paris with our professional guide. See the largest collection of Monet paintings in the world: 94 paintings and 29 drawings, including the famous Water Lillies and Impression Sunrise.

Your guide plunges you into Monet’s universe. Immerse yourself into the emotional power of his art collections. Find out Monet’s masterpieces next to great works by other Impressionist Masters such as Renoir, Gauguin, and Manet, among others.

The Paul Marmottan / Empire Collection
Jules Marmottan acquired in 1882 a hunting lodge that had belonged to the Duke of Valmy, Christophe Kellermann. His son Paul lived there and enlarged the house for his private collection of art pieces and First Empire paintings.

In 1932, when he died, he bequeathed all to the State and the Fine Art’s Academy. The Museum opened for the first time in 1934.

The Impressionist Collection
Dr. Georges de Bellion, nicknamed the “Impressionists’s doctor”, dreamt of “building a gallery somewhere”. With this in mind, he bought paintings to have “specimens of the various stages” of his painters. For this “imaginary museum,” he collected 28 admirable paintings by Monet, 10 landscapes by Pissaro, eight Renoirs, four Cézannes, five Guillaumins, three Morisots, a Degas, and an Eva Gonzales.

His brutal death did not allow him to realize his project. In 1957, Victorine Donop de Monchy, his daughter, gave to the museum the 11 impressionist paintings (including Impression Sunrise) that remained from her father.

For nearly a century, the museum has benefited from legacies and donations of unrivaled scope.

The Monet Collection
In 1966, Michel Monet, the last direct descendant of Claude Monet, bequeathed his father’s collection of paintings to the museum. The museum’s architect and curator, Jacques Carlu, built a room under the park of the hotel inspired by the decorations of the Orangerie Museum to receive this collection, inaugurated in 1970.

The Illuminations Collection
In 1980, Daniel Wildenstein offered the collection of illuminations of his father Georges Wildenstein. In 1980, Henri Duhem’s adopted daughter donated the entire collection of his father’s paintings to the museum.

The Morisot Collection
In 1996, the great-grandchildren of Berthe Morisot, Denis and Annie Rouart, through their foundation, left their collection (25 canvases, about 50 watercolors and the Impressionist collection of their grandmother) to the museum. This makes the museum the repository of the world’s first collection of works by Claude Monet and Berthe Morisot.