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Private Group up to 8 people
From Paris
From Le Havre
From Bayeux

Customize Your Private Excursion to the Normandy

Create your own experience: the landing beaches, American cemetery, Overlord Museum, the artificial harbor, German guns battery… The choice is yours!

As a customized excursion, select your schedule, with 3, 4 or 5 sites to discover.

Our suggested D-Day Landing sites are:

Pointe du Hoc: One of the must-see attractions on Normandy landing beaches. Hoc Point is a 30-meter high cliff. The strategic point of the Atlantic Wall, the site of Pointe du Hoc was stormed on the morning of June 6, D-Day, by the Rangers Colonel Rudder. During your visit, you can discover what was a battery of artillery with its position of shooting direction, its case-mates and its shelters.

American Cemetery: Unmissable during your visit, it’s homes to the graves of 9,387 fallen soldiers, the chapel, the memorial and the garden of the disappeared. A great moment of emotion.

Overlord Museum: A unique exhibition of more than 10,000 pieces including 35 tanks, guns and artillery pieces of the Battle. Relive the landing step by step at the heart of a staging and life-size reconstructions.

Arromanches Artificial Harbour: Mulberry Port is an artificial port set up on the Arromanches beach. Its objective was to bring necessary provisions to Allied troops to see the Battle of Normandy through to the end.

Longues Sur Mer – German gun battery: This German Coastal Defense Battery includes a fire command post and four case-mates, each housing their original 150 mm guns.

Landing beaches: On the morning of June 6, 1944, Allied forces landed on five different beaches.

  • Omaha Beach: Omaha Beach is 5 miles long. The weather conditions and the force of the water currents made the operation particularly dangerous. This American landing was particularly bloody, which is why it bears the nickname “Bloody Omaha”.
  • Utah Beach: The objective of this zone beach was to gain control over the Port of Cherbourg.
  • Juno Beach: One of the most fortified beaches, Canadian and British infantrymen landed here.
  • Gold Beach: A great victory for the British troops who landed here late because of the tide.
  • Sword Beach: The only D-Day beach where French troops landed with 300,000 British soldiers.

Sainte Mère l’Eglise: One of the first missions of the American paratroopers. During his descent, soldier John Marvin Steele was shot in the foot and got his parachute lines fouled in the church steeple for two long hours.

Local Product Tasting: Discover the local specialties with an authentic tasting. Apples, cider, and calvados from the orchard to the glass. Discover how Calvados is produced.

Other suggestions: Canadian Cemetery, Pegasus Bridge, Ardennes Anney, German Cemetery…